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Fraud intelligence for internet economy

One-stop solution for scam discovery through identity, website and product documentation, verification, and search.

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Record asset (websites and products) information as proof.


Verify any asset (websites and products) online or offline.


Find information about any asset (websites and products) or scam.

Value for Businesses

With our three processes, you can

Show Proof

Provide proof of ownership, originality, authenticity, or historical information to your customers. This will increase your conversion rate.

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Verify Proof and Search

Verify assets for originiality and authenticity before committing. If the asset has not verification link, then you can search for the asset.

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With the click of a button, share necessary documents to meet your compliance needs

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Search and Verify

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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the most frequently asked questions here. Please contact us directly if your questions are not answered below! You can find more questions here!

While you will not be wrong to say our product (Stratum) is a SaaS product, we are more of TaaS (Trust as a Service) product. We allow people to record proof so others can trust their website, content, or product. Given the kind of world we are living in, there is increasing need for this product so customers cannot only trust what you as a businesses but can also be able to avoid scams by being able to differentiate you and your products from others, which might either be fake or just similar.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our search service helps you find important information at important times. In simple language, using our search service, you can find information about assets. You can conduct your search for assets by using asset ID (generated during asset addition) or by asset name. You can also toggle different result types. For example, you can toggle historical info result type, which shows history of asset from its first owner to its current owner. Aside from find asset information, you can use our search to find scammers. Simply paste email address or name to find if the identity is related to a scam. Image search will also possible. Search for scams. For example, you can search for recent scams related to master card. Finally you can search for phishing content. Paste content of emails or messages to confirm if it is a phishing content or not.
All assets (websites and products) that have been registered on the Stratum network can be verified using our verification API endpoint. Owners of these assets can generate keys for individual assets and then provide a link (if website asset) or (a special) barcode (if physical product). When a customer clicks the link on the website or scans the barcode on the physical product, Stratum is able to provide 100% accurate and trustable proof that the website is original (i.e., who the owner is). Of course, assets cannot be added to the Stratum netowrk with KYC (Know Your Customer) and KTA (Know The Asset) being done on the owner and asset respectively. Although KYC is done once (i.e., when the user is creating an account on Stratum), KYA is done every time a new asset is being added.

Also, using cryptography and blockchain DB, we able to ensure that asset-related transactions are only done by the asset owner.
Not sure? Request manual background check. A manual check can be requested on both entites (businesses and individuals) and assets(websites and products). A type of manual check often requested is the due diligence check. You can submit a manual check request here.
Yes, many people do report scams and scammers here. If we can, we help get you a refund through the right channels. If impossible to get you a refund, then at least you will be saving others from similar scams and scammers. One thing you can be sure of is we will try our best and take you seriously. You can report a scam or scammer here. It is totally FREE.


What they are saying about us

Richard Xalo

Thanks to Stratum, I can easily double-check websites and products before spending money on them.

Rachael Alit

Imagine being able to confirm I am reading news content made by CNN and not another fake version of it! Stratum is the future

Anisha Lee

I recently barely escaped getting scammed. I noticed the website did not have the "verify" link which the normal one had. Then using the search I found out it was a scam site.